Google’s algorithm change to penalize mobile pop-ups is (so far) a bust. While mobile pop-ups are an eyesore, they convert well and if you’re able to execute them in a less offensive manner you could be looking at a great option. There were some concerns that Google was going to penalize using them, but according to Search Engine Land, no dice. Keep seeing those conversions. Read the full report here.


Programmatic advertising is going to change the game in 2017. From cross-device campaigns to header bidding, new tools and tricks are already being developed. It’s good news for agencies and businesses managing campaigns, as savvy PPC professionals will be able to run highly effective campaigns without increasing budget. Here are three key trends to watch out for as it takes off.


Want some inspiration? If you’ve been designing infographics, logos and landing pages galore looking at something new (and brilliant) might be just the pick-me-up you need. While how food tastes is important, I think we’d all be lying if we said we’d never grabbed a six pack or a bottle of wine because the label spoke to us. Who said design didn’t impact transaction? Check out these 14 gorgeous beer labels and get inspired to add a creative edge to all your work this week.

Social Media

Wondering what to do with Twitter? While engaging in Twitter chats, sharing useful industry information, and the occasional self-promo is important, integrating highly relevant video content could get you unprecedented results. Their investment both in live video is paying off with over 7.5 million tuning in for election coverage and 3.5 million per game for Thursday Night Football. The results are impressive and indicate that the future of twitter might not just be microblogging.

Content Marketing

Want to know the fastest way to improve your content marketing and SEO? Look at what’s been working. While past data isn’t always an indication of future performance, understanding what resonated with your audience gives you an opportunity to utilize those insights both when developing new pieces, and when you’re dusting off your old pages. Here’s how you can start refurbishing your old content and see results again.


Creating brand guidelines isn’t always easy. While we’ve developed guidelines, a mission, and our values it doesn’t hurt to revisit them and see if we’re really embodying those things (and if we even want to). This account about how one start-up is crafting their brand identity is an inspiration. Learn more about defining yourself, and your company here.


Increasing productivity often gets attributed to morning routines, and in turn, getting up earlier. While we’re all about fitting in an early morning workout, spending time with your people, and getting a healthy breakfast in, it might not always change your life. This account of a month of 5 AM alarms gives some insight. Check it out.