We love turning mediocre advertising accounts into rockstar revenue drivers. One of our manufacturing clients in a niche market came to us after running an AdWords account for a few years on their own. The company was looking for assistance in improving their paid search account performance and increasing the number of leads that they were bringing in without largely increasing their paid advertising budget.


Mad Fish set out with the following high-level goals in mind:

  • Increase click-through rate by optimizing and testing ad copy, keywords, and targeting
  • Increase conversion rate by optimizing and testing landing pages


To meet these goals we put together a multi-part strategy. First, we rewrote ad copy to be more relevant to their keywords, product and landing pages. We also spent time refining the keywords we were targeting. This was especially important because our client is in such a niche market, we needed to get as specific as possible with our keywords while also making sure to catch broader searches that are also relevant. In addition, we created and tested new landing pages that were highly specific to the keywords we were targeting and made it easy for the user to convert through an improving user experience.  

Testing was the key for campaign improvements. Through carefully planned ad copy and landing page tests, we were able to get the desired results from a very specific and ready audience.


Through continued optimization and refining of the client’s product-focused paid search advertising campaigns, Mad Fish was able to create a 34% improvement in CTR and increase their conversion rate by 301% year over year.

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