press_releasesYou don’t have to spend large amounts of money for online publicity. By utilizing free press release services, you save your company marketing dollars, time and energy. Free press release services are a great promotional tool – another dynamic way to brand and promote your company, products and services. These services hit regional, national and international audiences.
Benefits of Online Press Releases

  • Increases traffic to websites and blogs
  • Boosts search engine rankings and backlinks (when keywords are used)
  • Builds/strengthens branding
  • Inexpensive marketing tool (especially if you use free press release services!)
  • Enhances credibility and trust within your field
  • Captures large, diverse audiences – media outlets, online publishers and search engine users
  • Increases sales and bottom line profit
  • Builds strong relationships with media outlets and online publishers

The Basics of Press Release Content
Before you submit to a free press release service, you need to understand the basics of press release writing. A press release is a written announcement about companies, events, products and services that are targeted to media outlets. A press release is basically a “pseudo” news article and needs to follow a specific format. It’s important to review the formatting criteria before you submit to free press release services – each site is different.

  • Don’t advertise! That’s the biggest mistake you could make. If your press release sounds like you are selling a product or service, online media outlets and online publishers will ignore your release. PROMOTE but don’t sell!
  • Use the Five Ws – Who, What, Where, When and Why Make sure you answer the Five Ws in the beginning of your press release– this concept is used in news writing.
  • Make your headline POP – Make headlines compelling to instantly generate interest and makes readers want to know more!
  • HOOK your readers – Grab their attention in the first paragraph and think of a unique angle. How can you make your press release NEWS worthy? Ask yourself WHY would a media contact want to write or talk about your event, product or service? What sets you apart from other companies in your industry?
  • Just the FACTS! Stick to basic facts. Lose the big words and write at a level your audience understands. Use correct grammar and keep paragraphs short.
  • Use keywords and links sparingly– Optimize press releases by using targeted keywords and links but don’t overstuff or your release will get booted from search engines.
  • Add photos and logos – Paint a picture in the journalist’s or reader’s mind with a photo and your company’s logo – this adds a compelling element to your press release. Don’t go overboard with visual elements but photos can also add credibility to your press release.
  • Include contact information (emails, bios, URLS, etc.) – This sounds simple but many companies forget to include basic contact information with press releases

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