Here’s a check list of odds and ends from the SEO handbook. Often we come across websites that miss a lot of traffic because of a few minor tweaks that wouldn’t take more than a few minutes each. Here’s a quick list of some of our favorite tools and tricks to help you make the most of your site.
1. Social Media Name Search: Check to see if your company name or your name is taken in several social media sites If it’s available, snatch it up. If someone else is using your name for their social media profile, most social networks have a good system in place to prove that it can be yours.
2. Forum Finder: Use and to find forums in your industry. You can use industry forums as a resource to post articles, respond to comments, and additional activity. Most forums are no-follow, meaning links you create don’t change SEO rankings, but they can still be a great way to drive traffic.
3. Google Groups: Use Google groups ( to find conversations in your industry. Google groups is a great collection of forums and is better policed than Yahoo forums or craigslist.
4. Create a Quick Video: Here is software to convert powerpoint to video for free: This allows you to create quick video content and drive additional traffic.
5. Kindle Friendly Blog: Make your blog available to amazon kindle users:
6. Find groups of people on and post articles to the discussion board. If the admin asks you to stop, please do. Some admins can be picky about what gets posted.
7. Fast Track Your Postings: Post your articles, audio material and videos to really easily. Just email it and forget it! This can save you hundreds of hours of labor and really boosts traffic.
8. Nuke buttons: Take 5 minutes to read this article and make sure you don’t have any conversion killing buttons on your site.
9. Quick Feedback: Here’s a free tool to get feedback from your visitors: Feedback can be invaluable for tweaking and fine tuning a site.
10. Stop chasing perfect: Just launch the product/site/whatever and make it better later. It’s a much easier task to tweak a product and increase traffic over time once the product is in place. Often we get so hung up on making it right that we never make it at all.