Did you know effective onboarding increases new hire retention by 82%?Here at Mad Fish Digital, we’re all about enhancing the Employee Experience! So, we recently took a deep dive into our onboarding process. The result? A revamped approach that ensures our new hires feel truly valued and seamlessly integrated right from the get-go. Our onboarding process is comprehensive, and driven by several core objectives:

  • To embody our company purpose – making sure we offer an elevated experience to new team members from their very first day.
  • Equipping each individual for lasting success in their role and within our company.
  • Fostering an inclusive experience that allows every new hire the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace.

A recent Gallup report sited by SHRM found employees who had a great onboarding experience are 2.6 times more likely to be “extremely satisfied” at work. As a B Corporation committed to prioritizing people, we recognize the importance of excelling in this area to enable our team to flourish and realize their full potential at work. 

Onboarding at Mad Fish Digital, while just the first step of a broader career journey, is considered to be one of the most critical times in the life cycle of our team members’ professional development. We have put great care into building a system that is clear, inclusive, balanced, and, dare I say, fun(ish). This revamped approach to welcoming new hires is key for any business aspiring to be a catalyst for positive change.

Onboarding Starts Before Day One

Our onboarding process officially begins when a new hire signs their offer letter, launching a celebratory 90-day timeline aimed at seamless integration. Why do we prioritize seamless integration? Because 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company when they receive a stellar onboarding experience—and it’s just the right thing to do!

Welcome Email: For our remote team, clear communication is essential. The welcome email, sent right after accepting the offer, details the first-day plan and workstation setup information to avoid the common delay faced by 43% of new hires. It includes a scheduled Zoom meeting for any computer setup help, ensuring all paperwork is prepped in advance for a smooth start focused on introductions and training.

Celebration Gift: To make new hires feel instantly part of our team, we send a welcome kit filled with work-from-home items such as a mug, pen, and candle to help them celebrate their career move to our team.

Team Welcome: Our people are our culture. To foster early connections, we introduce new hires with a personalized digital card signed by all team members and special welcome notes from our Co-founders, setting up a warm, personal entry into our community and connecting them to the larger purpose of the organization.

83% of employees find onboarding programs beneficial, with new hires feeling 18 times more committed to their employer with effective onboarding.
Week One Kicks Off

Set up with a clear and detailed plan for their initial days, access to all necessary equipment and software, and early engagement from team members to help them feel a little more grounded, new hires are greeted with a sense of purpose and clear expectations for what lies ahead. 

First Day Meeting with HR: The first day starts with an HR meeting to review company policies, finalize paperwork, and address questions, covering practical details like payroll access and communication protocols. This session also introduces the company’s culture and rituals, ensuring a clear understanding of the workplace beyond just job duties. 

Onboarding Buddy: 56% of new hires prefer to have a buddy to assist them during onboarding. We couldn’t agree more. Each new employee is paired with an onboarding buddy for guidance and support as they navigate their new role. The pair meet on the first or second day and set up a regular time to connect. Having someone other than a manager or HR person to lean on opens doors to better collaboration. 

Role Clarity and Milestones Meeting: The future of onboarding is all about setting employees up for the greatest likelihood of success in their roles. We know that when employees have a strong onboarding with clear milestones, they are more likely to have long-term success in the organization. On the first day, new employees meet with their manager to review their job scorecard, review their training calendar, and establish milestones and check-ins over the next 90 days. These will be the indicators for success and the framework by which they can measure their performance. 

First Week Schedule: From the outset, new employees are engaged with a structured first week, filled with work, meetings, and tasks to immerse them in their roles. On day one, our new hire’s calendar is filled with a variety of sessions to familiarize them with the team, our services, and their place in the company’s ecosystem.

Beyond Week One

We have a range of activities and support mechanisms to ensure continuous integration and engagement within our team. Our Employee Experience goal is to push ourselves to continually iterate on our onboarding system, endeavoring to create the strongest and most capable team for our clients. As weeks go by, our method involves regular check-ins and personal discussions, confirming both the employee and company benefit from this new partnership.

Through these steps, we strive to make the onboarding process at Mad Fish Digital not just about administrative tasks, but a meaningful journey that sets the tone for an inclusive, supportive, and forward-thinking workplace culture.


As the Employee Experience Manager at Mad Fish Digital, Denisse Guenoun is dedicated to cultivating a workplace that not only thrives on innovation but also values each team member’s journey and well-being. With a focus on developing engaging and supportive environments, she leads initiatives that enhance our team’s professional and personal growth. Her role involves leveraging our unique performance management ecosystem to ensure every employee feels valued, empowered, and connected.