Believe it or not, MySpace is not only for teens and twenty-somethings. There are plenty of businesses that are now tapping into the vast marketing potential offered by MySpace. To fully exploit this potential you must first overcome your reluctance to use Web 2.0 social networking sites. If others are using it (including your competitors) you’ll be missing out on a great opportunity for free marketing, which, during a recession, is something you can’t afford to do. Plus, why would you willingly give your rivals the competitive edge? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started on MySpace.
1. Define Your Business Goal
If you’re willing to dedicate time and effort to your MySpace account, you must first define your business goals, what you hope to accomplish with this account, so you won’t be tempted to stray off your path. Do you want to reach new clients? Or do you wish to network with colleagues in your field? If you’re a newbie, maybe you want get in touch with experts, benefit from their skills, knowledge, and advice.
2. Sign up for an Account
Go to and follow the easy step-by-step sign-up process. You’ll be requested to confirm your email address before you can continue. Do upload a photo. You could use your company logo, but a nice, friendly smile is worth a thousand words. You could skip this step, as well as others, like adding a school, which is information that is not relevant to what you hope to accomplish. Once you’ve completed the basics, you’ll be directed to your MySpace page.
3. Create the Optimum Profile
There are lots of things you can do with your profile, too many to explore in detail here. But there is one thing you should do first before you do anything else. MySpace gives you the option to pick you URL, so make the most of it. You can either use your brand name or choose one of your main competitive keywords. Then, check out the “Profile” tab to see all the things you can edit and change. Make your profile page compelling and engaging, but don’t over stuff it with extra fluff.
4. Start Adding Friends
Use the “Friends” tab to explore your options. Find other businesses in your niche and add them as friends. Email your friends, family, and business contacts and invite them to check out your new MySpace profile. Try to add new friends on a daily basis.
5. Make Use of the Blog
Write regular posts about what your business is up to, new products you’re launching, innovative techniques, software, technological resources, and so on. This is a great place to promote your products and services, but also share your expertise and establish yourself as an authority in your field.
6. Use the Classifieds
The classifieds section on MySpace is great for marketing and promoting your products and services. You’d be nuts not to take full advantage of it.

7. Participate in Groups and Forums

You can either join a group of businesses and individuals in your field, or start one yourself. A group allows you to interact and network with others in your industry. Make sure you also actively participate in the forums, a great place to share your knowledge and experience, and earn the respect of the community.
Mastering all of the tools and applications on MySpace can be a daunting task, indeed. So, don’t set out to master it all, but rather take a few minutes every day to explore, add friends, learn a little bit more about a new app, and in no time you’ll be a MySpace pro. In time, you’ll see the pay off from all the work and dedication you’ve put into it.