Jenna Miller joined the Mad Fish team as a Graphic Designer and has brought incredible branding skills and her love of non-traditional pets. Get to know her below.

Where are you located and what is your favorite thing about it? 

Vancouver, WA. My favorite thing about Vancouver is that it has the feeling of a small town, while also being close to 2 major cities: Portland & Seattle.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I grew up figure skating and was looking for a way to experience the feeling on ice without some of the costs, ice arena closures, and distances. I recently discovered inline figure skating which allows me to practice jumps, spins, and turns without ice.

Bucket list item(s). 

I want to visit my family in Australia who I have never met. 

What’s your passion project?

Every summer, I attend multiple weddings on the weekends as a professional videographer. Besides that, I enjoy creating custom-painted pet portraits on Etsy. 

Why did you pick Mad Fish? 

I chose Mad Fish because I connected with their goals for sustainability and consistent innovation. As a designer, I enjoy being challenged and constantly coming up with new ways to solve problems. I also have a passion for building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world that benefits all of us. 

Favorite marketing resource (blog/podcast/website/tool) and why?

I could spend hours looking at design inspiration on Behance, Dribbble, and Pinterest. I am always inspired by how other designers see the world and utilize colors, space, and form.

Favorite genre of music to work to/link to your favorite Spotify playlist to listen to at work? 

I enjoy many different genres of music including (but not limited to) alternative, indie, dance/electronic, and hip hop – Bon Iver, The 1975, Lauv, Khalid, and The Japanese House are just a few favorites.

Fun fact about yourself.  

In 2017, I studied abroad at the Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art Design + Technology. Besides my hometown of Portland, I’ve never felt so at home in a place like I did in Ireland. 

If you have a pet, tell us about it. 

I have a house full of exotic pets – from rare saltwater fish to a litter-trained rabbit. I also have a 4-month-old parakeet named Miso. 

What do you add to the team outside of work? 

Sushi spot recommendations, pet advice, and endless creativity.