Mad Fish SEO is excited to introduce Mad Fish Elements, its new web analytics and reporting platform, Mad Fish Elements.

Mad Fish Elements offers reports and statistics in an easy-to-visualize format so that marketing managers can quickly see progress being made by their SEO campaign and identify areas of opportunity for future endeavors.

Over the years, our clients have continually asked us to help them distill the enormous amounts of data they get from Google Analytics and other sources into the nuts and bolts of what REAL benefit they are getting from their SEO campaign.  Mad Fish Elements allows us to show business owners exactly what they want and need to make decisions about their online marketing campaign and its resulting ROI.

Portland SEO Analytics Software






Key Features:

  • Keyword Ranking Reports & Visuals
  • Traffic Trends & Comparison Reports
  • Referring Traffic Statistics and Sites
  • PPC Campaign Analysis
  • Comprehensive Phone Tracking
  • Content and Backlink Tracking
  • Campaign and ROI Analysis

This new product is currently being made available to Mad Fish SEO clients as part of the benefit of choosing Mad Fish SEO.  If you are interested in learning more about Mad Fish Elements or how you can access this great tool, contact Mad Fish SEO, (503)935-5222.