In August 2014, Mad Fish began a marketing strategy for a credit card payment processing company specializing in high risk transactions. The company needed its online presence to reflect their status as an industry leader, and its current strategy was not accommodating this goal. Prior to contacting Mad Fish, the company was not ranking on the first page for many of the primary keyword groupings that were most relevant to the business, and in some cases were not ranking in the first 10 pages. Further, its overall search traffic was very low and those that were finding the site were having a tough time navigating through it easily.


  • Increased organic traffic from high priority keywords
  • Improved social media engagement and referral traffic
  • Improved site functionality and ease of use for site visitors


The first step of the strategy was to fix many of the on-page technical elements of the site that were preventing search engines from properly crawling it. Once those issues were addressed, we quickly moved to a robust content strategy that incorporated the keyword groupings that were most relevant to the client’s business. At the same time, Mad Fish redesigned the site and incorporated keyword themes and conversion elements throughout. The results were immediate.

Results: 340% increase in Organic Traffic

By October, many of the top-priority keywords that had previously been buried in the outer pages of Google had moved to the second page (positions 15-20), and terms that were already in the top 20 moved to the top 5.  By June 2015, the lower positions also joined the top rankings. Today many keyword groupings are now enjoying the top 3 organic positions. As the keyword rankings moved up, so did the overall organic traffic. From August 2014 to June 2015, organic traffic from New Visitors increased 340%.For a company that relies on the trust and confidence of its clients in order to grow, having an authoritative position in the search engines for its terms was extremely important. This new influx of traffic led directly to an increase in lead volume, which the new site was able to handle quite nicely.