Now, more than ever, companies must provide leadership on social issues. Mad Fish Digital recognizes that agencies cannot remain on the sidelines. Issues around equity, justice, public health and the environment all impact our work and our workforce. 

To be genuine to our values and accountable to our community, we must talk about the issues that impact our lives and our team.

As a marketing company, we have a role to play in how the world is shaped. In addition, we as a brand may identify social, humanitarian, or economic issues in which to advocate, promote or support using our platform as an agency. 

However, we recognize that social and economic issues the company may advocate for or value may become increasingly politicized. In so much as it is possible, we will not promote any specific political party or candidate through our efforts. We will keep the issues deemed critical to our identity, values and service at the center of our work. 

Some criteria we may use to decide issues we take up:

  • Does it align with our company values?
  • Does it align with our company purpose?
  • Are we able to make a difference on the issue?
  • Can we speak about the issue with authenticity?
  • Is the issue support the mission/purpose of our 3HAG / BHAG?
  • Does the issue impact our team members, vendors, partners or clients?

Firstly, we encourage team members to stay well-informed on local, state, and national issues. Secondly, we encourage team members to share their ideas on ways we can support relevant causes and initiatives through the Mad Fish Digital B Corporation team.  However, team members may not promote specific political parties or candidates within the company, both physical location and remote communication channels. 

We understand that making statements on social issues may make some clients and team members uncomfortable. Our stance is made in an effort to cultivate client, team and vendor relationships that all are aligned with making a difference in the digital marketing space. Finally, we understand that our positions may not align with all potential clients or team members.