As a team, we’re active members of our many communities nationwide and enjoy supporting organizations that make a positive impact. This act of giving back is deeply embedded in our values—so much so that our employees have 16 hours of volunteer time off (VTO) each year to get involved with causes that we care about. To encourage taking time to give back, our B Corp team at Mad Fish puts on an annual company-wide VTO Challenge. 

Driving Action with Our VTO Challenge

This year, our VTO Challenge takes place starting September 1 through November 29—also known as Giving Tuesday. Our collective goal is to have 100% of our team members volunteer at some point during the challenge.  Impact can be made with one hour or 16. We created a goal around participation so that every member of the team can contribute in a way that works for them and their lifestyle. 

Our B Corp team developed a list of organizations where employees can find a range of in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities. Our team can choose where to volunteer from this resource sheet or find organizations that are particularly important to them. At the end of the challenge, based on the amount of team participation, Mad Fish will make a donation to SOLVE Oregon.

Focus on SDGs

Within the VTO resource sheet for our employees, each volunteer opportunity also corresponds with one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs are global blueprints to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Within these blueprints are 17 major goals, including No Poverty, Quality Education, Gender Equality, and more.

This year, our B Corp team is focusing on two SDGs in particular, which complement our JEDI Impact initiatives:

  • SDG 13: Climate Action—This goal includes advocacy and action concerning the atmosphere, climate change, small island development states, and national climate strategies.
  • SDG 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions—This goal includes information for integrated decision-making, sustainable development and frameworks, stopping violence against children, and national justice strategies.

Team members are encouraged to choose volunteer opportunities that correspond with these two SDG focuses.

Why SOLVE Oregon

This year, the B Corp team voted to award our VTO Challenge donation to SOLVE Oregon. SOLVE’s mission aligns closely with our focus on the Climate Action SDG. It also mirrors our overall interest in making our cities and communities safer and cleaner for all. They strive to bring Oregonians together to improve our environment and build a legacy of stewardship. Many of our local Portland team members have volunteered with SOLVE for several years. We’re honored and excited to help support SOLVE in their important work for the environment. 

A Digital Marketing Agency Striving to Be a Platform for Good

As a fully remote team, we’re excited to help better the communities we serve in Portland and beyond. Whether it’s our VTO Challenge or our pro bono services program, our goal is to be a platform for good. Learn more about our commitment to social impact.