Start Discussions

  1. Search for groups and join them.
  2. Wait for the group admins to approve your request.
  3. Once your request is approved, start a discussion. You can post articles, questions or whatever you want. This is a great way to connect with a lot of people.

Share News

  1. Join groups and wait to be approved.
  2. Once you’re in, click on Submit News. This is a great way to share your blog posts with the entire group.

Complete Your Profile
So many people have incomplete profiles! This is one of the worst things you can do on LinkedIn. Add a nice photo of yourself smiling and complete your work history, education, current company, websites, etc.
Also, don’t forget to update your status. This is a great place to promote your blog posts:

Answer Questions
Very few people are aware that there’s a Q&A section on LinkedIn. This is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Search for People

If you’re getting started, don’t wait for people to connect with you. Be proactive. Let’s say you sell a software for immigration attorneys. This is what you should do:

  1. Search for immigration attorneys.
  2. Add them to your network.
  3. If you have shared connections, you can say “Hi, we’re both connected to John Doe and now I’d like to connect with you”. Give people good reasons to connect with you. Look at their profiles and invest some time reading their blogs and bios, then make a smart comment showing them you took the time to learn who they are. This will make a lot of people feel great about accepting you as a connection on LinkedIn.

Get Recommendations

  1. Go to Profile > Recommendations.
  2. Choose the job you want to be endorsed for and click on “Ask to Be Endorsed”.
  3. When people recommend you, LinkedIn shows you as a recommended resource. Plus, having a dozen recommendations on your profile page will really make you stand out.

Help Others
Most people start Social Media Marketing asking themselves “how can I benefit from this?” That’s a valid question, but I encourage you to ask yourself this question instead, “how can I help other people achieve their goals?”
First of all, let me say that the first step is to help THE RIGHT PEOPLE. If you sell your software to immigration attorneys and spend your time helping accountants, you won’t see any results.
Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Add THE RIGHT PEOPLE to your network.
  2. Look at their statuses and see how you can help them. If they’re asking questions, you can answer them. If you know someone who might need their services, introduce them to each other. Nothing will get you more recognition than introducing two people who could do business together. Be a connector.