From time to time I’m asked about various vocabulary terms surrounding links. Since the definitions are very simple to explain, here’s a brief explanation.

Link Anchor: This is the blue underlined text that is clicked on to go to another URL.

These can be reffered to as linking schemes:

One way link: This is a link from another website which points to your site, but your site does not point back the site with the link.  Hence the name one way. (You point to me, and we’re all happy)

Reciprical link: This is a link that points from another website to your website, and your website also has a link somewhere in it that points back to this site.  It’s one big circle. (You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours)

Three way link: This is a link from a website (site #1) that points to your site, then a link from your site (site #2) which points to a completly different website (site #3) , then that website points back to the original website (site #1).  (You point to me, I point to my friend, and I’ll have my friend point to you)

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