screenhunter_173-feb-22-1042This is the third part of the “Is Your Business Making These 10 Mistakes?” series. Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 is here.
Meditate Often
Do you know how they say outsiders have a better perspective of your problems than you do? That’s because as a business owner, you’re so involved in the details of your business that it’s often hard to see the full picture.
This is one of my favorite quotes: “In business and in life, doing things right is not nearly as important as doing the right things.”
We, business owners, often get caught up doing the wrong things. That’s why meditation is so important. When you get away from work, you start analyzing everything you do. You don’t get caught up on HOW to do things better; you start thinking IF WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING.
As a business owner, your goal should be to SPEND YOUR TIME DOING THE HIGHEST INCOME-PRODUCING TASKS ONLY. (Read this sentence again. It will change your life.)
I’ve read several meditation books but I have to admit that I don’t use most of the techniques I learned. All I do is to lie in bed with my eyes open and think. I think for an hour about the things I do and whether those are the things I should be doing. I always take a notebook and a pen and I write down my thoughts.
If you think you can’t afford to spend an hour per week meditating, let me tell you something: you can’t afford NOT TO.
Be Consistent
Every day there’s a new “get rich fast opportunity”. Stay away from the “latest thing”. Be loyal to your business model. Work hard and smart. Trust your instinct. If something looks like BS to you, it probably is. You know your business better than anyone else. Most book writers make less than $50,000/year. You make much more than that. Why would you do what these gurus tell you when you know you should do something else?
I hope your enjoyed this. Look out for Part 4 of this post tomorrow.