So, the buzz word this weekend for me was “Twitter.”  I was at a spectacular bunko birthday party for a friend where a colleague in the industry asked if “I Twittered.” Afraid that I may have had a few more Heinekens than I originally tallied, I asked for some clarification where I was than introduced to the twitters he had been receiving over the course of the evening.  The next day, my previous boss and dear friend, instant messaged my husband asking if we knew what twitter was.  That was the last straw. I jumped in and have been playing around with the thing and generally obsessed with it for the last 72 hours.

My initial interest lied in its potential for some great SEO campaign strategy.  The networking of people not just by laptop but by cell phone and hand-held is priceless. But how can you make something that generally seems to be nothing more than a brag-gossip-ego breeding ground make sense for SEO?  I’m not sure the nature of it truly lends itself to strong site promotion. But it does create one incredible thing – buzz.  This is a network of people that are so connected to what’s going on right this minute, that they capture, analyze and decide in a matter of minutes what is cool about you or what you are doing and what is not worth their time.  It is, as Kevin Heisler of Search Engine Watch points out, a collective of “coolkidz” and everyone wants to be them. 

So that said, I’m still trying to figure out a good angle for the thing but until that moment of brilliance hits me, I’m bound to enjoy it for the sheer pleasure of knowing what my friends are doing at any given time.  It’s stalking for grown-ups, where the stalked volunteer for the job.