Do you ever feel that we live in a crazy world? Do you ever feel that the way we do things doesn’t make any sense?
Last week I was at a dinner party. Out of the six people there, I was the only one who wasn’t texting or checking Facebook on my phone. Nobody was enjoying that great dinner with friends. They were all somewhere else.
We have more ways to communicate (email, text, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) but communication is even worse. When was the last time you spent a few hours having a deep conversation with a friend? When was the last time you asked your kids about their lives?
People went from running in parks to running on treadmills watching TV. They went from playing sports to considering playing Wii videogames a workout.
We work harder than ever to make more money so we can buy bigger houses and cars, but we don’t have any time to enjoy our cars and houses. What is good enough? Are you happy where you are or are you just working on getting to the next level?
Half the people hate their jobs. If you’re one of them, how can you spend 80% of your awake time doing something you hate?
Steve Jobs once said that death is one of the biggest blessings. He said that the fact that life has an expiration date is what motivates us to live each of our days to its fullest. I agree.
My goal is to live in the present, enjoy every moment, build deep friendships, eat healthy, exercise, work less and have more time to do things that make me happy but don’t make me money. What’s your goal?