Start off your week strong with our curated list of tips and inspiration around every aspect of the digital marketing world. This is the Mad Fish Catch of the Week.


Ever felt like myths around SEO are taking over? Is keyword stuffing still a problem? What’s the deal with shares on social impacting rankings? The fact is that because of the proprietary algorithms, SEO is rife with misinformation. Make sure you’re checking sources, testing yourself, and looking for hard data to support your work. For more tips, check this piece out.


The key to successful PPC ads isn’t just gaming algorithms and nailing popular keywords, it’s the psychology behind your ad copy. Getting creative and using tips and tricks that really work, based on human beings, not algorithms is key to success. Using urgency, focusing on the value proposition of your business, and remaining trustworthy can help your ads flourish. Learn more here.


404 pages, warning boxes that save you from losing documents, Photoshop previews… All these design principles help users with their experience while accounting for user error. Thought you’d like the green camo shoe? Maybe not. Making sure you’re guiding the user through experiences not only helps with their experience on the website but also can help propel them through the sales funnel or start to use the product more frequently. It’s in the little things.

Social Media

Normally we wouldn’t advocate for stalking… but when you’re curating content, building strategies, and writing content knowing more about the people who will be consuming it helps your, and them. Ready to get started? Using the demographic information on Facebook, examining communication patterns (what are they posting, sharing, and how are they doing so?) and find common values to propel your strategy forward. Happy stalking.

Content Marketing

Content for product design? Heck yes. Using real people to inform the way teams build products may seem counterintuitive – shouldn’t the content be selling the product? But using conversation, interaction, and focusing on the user (their intention, what stage of life they’re in, what they need when they come to you) and then imagining potential conversations can help you build a product that intuitively answers questions and delivers on needs. Get the full rundown here.


Are you someone who rocks out Monday morning, or are you more of a late-night Thursday person? In our work places, we tend to be obsessed with working traditional hours, whether this leads to more collaboration or better work.. or not. The focus around the 9-5, M-F can be draining and fail to capitalize on when employees are the most engaged. Our suggestion? Work when you’re the most productive. Finish your tasks. Push yourself, and take that Friday afternoon (or Monday morning) off. Read more here.


Procrastination, biting your nails, not working out… What are your bad habits? How many times have you tried to vanquish them? Resisting, changing them, and tricks may have failed before, but we have a suggestion. Mindfulness (a buzzword we’ve all been hearing) has a scientific method that can be used to help you quit, for good. We often deal with stress in a way that in fact makes us more stressed instead of alleviating it. Learn the process to use when you’re working with a tough habit, stressful situation, or difficult task here.