todas-finalAbout six months ago I was looking at the web stats of one of our clients. His visits went from an average of 30 a day to 150. When I checked who was sending him so much traffic I was very surprised. It was CNN! I went to CNN’s website and I discovered that they have a widget at the end of some of their articles where they show related blog posts. My client’s post was there.
I started doing some research on the subject and I learned how you can get your blog featured on CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Newsweek, Time, Fox News, Reuters, the Washington Post, and CBS.
Although all the links that you might get from them are “no-follow” (search engines don’t count them when they assign rankings), they can give you a good deal of exposure, traffic, and credibility. You can tell your clients that your business have been featured on the New York Times website!
I am sure that at this point you are thinking “ok, I got it! Now tell me how I can make that happen for my business!” Ok, ok. Follow these steps:

List your blog on BlogBurst
BlogBurst feeds Reuters, Fox News, and USA Today.
List your blog on Sphere
Sphere feeds CNN, Wall Street Journal, Time, Reuters, CBS, Washington Post, AOL, and Newsweek.
List your blog on BlogRunner
BlogRunner feeds Wall Street Journal and New York Times.
Write a Review
This is a very important step. Skip it and your blog will never get featured. Let’s say that CNN published an article on one of Obama’s speeches. You need to write a post about that article and link to the news source. CNN has to consider your post relevant to their article in order to feature it.
Be patient. Not all your posts will be featured. That’s OK; you only need one or two in order to gain some visibility and credibility. Now go get your posts published on!