social-networkTwitter looks like a foreign language and Facebook intimidates you with its features. You signed up for these social networking sites but you are stumped – how can these sites actually help your company? Social networking sites are easy to navigate, yet they look confusing to new account users. The following tricks will take the mystery out of how to use popular social networking sites to promote your company.
Fill out your business contact information in your profile. Make sure you include your real name and company name. Set up a “business page.” If you have multiple companies or branches, set up multiple pages. Include hours of operation, phone numbers, emails, etc. This is important because search engines will pick up these business pages. Facebook allows you to send out messages to your friends list to become “fans” of your business page. You can also add company events to your profile—another great promotional tool.
Twitter is the hottest and fastest growing micro-blogging platform on the Internet. Twitter boasts 5 million users and has been touted by companies as a high-profile branding tool. Twitter acts like an instant messaging program. The best way to take advantage of Twitter is to follow the RIGHT people. Promote important company news and links in your tweets (message updates). These are helpful applications which make it easy for you to update tweets: TwitterFox and TweetLater.
If you want high visibility, add professional pictures to your profile. Photos are a great way to attract people to your MySpace page. MySpace also allows you to write a catchy headline for your page– keep it simple and make sure you include your company’s website link. Stand out as an expert in your field, and use the copywriting trick of “call to action” (invite them to your website or blog).
LinkedIn is one of the most effective business social networking sites. Tailor your profile accordingly to your specific industry. A great tool is the email import feature – you can invite business colleagues and clients via your email account. One of the fastest ways to get your company name out there is to join professional groups. These groups allow you to easily connect with potential clients and colleagues. You can also add comments and interact on group forums. Update your profile on a regular basis and make your profile public (or no one will see you!)
The largest free video hosting site on the Internet, YouTube allows you to promote company videos to a mass audience – over 100 million U.S. viewers per month. If you represent sports and fitness industries, demonstration videos (i.e. yoga, weight training, etc.) are an effective promotional tool. Become active in the YouTube community and subscribe to other channels that target your industry. Add keywords to your video descriptions and account profile – search engines will pick up your video and company profiles.