Start off your week strong with our curated list of tips and inspiration around every aspect of the digital marketing world. This is the Mad Fish Catch of the Week.


With Google’s new AI first approach, it has become even more necessary to nail your SEO. If you’re hoping t get your company to position zero to be the trusted answer for all the queries around your industry, we get it. Here are some crucial tips from Moz to help you on your way to winning the SEO game in Google’s brave new world.


Bing ads? Amazon? Yelp? While all these platforms can be utilized, we’re continuing to see that Google is where most of the market is hanging out. Their domination of the market, especially in mobile, means they’ll take nearly 78% of all search advertising budget in the US this year. Want to understand how search spending is increasing in the United States? Make sure you read up.


If you’ve ever designed a website, you’re probably familiar with hearing about how important the homepage is, or that a minimal look is the only way to achieve simplicity and ensure a great user experience. This piece busts 7 web design myths to help you achieve an original and usable site without mirroring everyone else. Check it out.

Social Media

Ready to expand your social media advertising budget? Take a step away from Facebook with this guide to help you maximize your ROI on a different networking platform – LinkedIn. In this piece, you’ll get the details on how businesses can utilize LinkedIn ads well from the right targeting to a strong company page. Take the plunge and get started today.

Content Marketing

We’re loving this piece from Lucy at Simply Measured articulating the difference between social and content marketing. If you do both or are involved in both it can be hard to draw the lines, but understanding that content marketing is a tactic to achieve a goal while social is a channel is incredibly helpful. Want a bonus? In the piece, she breaks down how tactics and metrics fall into the marketing funnel. We’re loving it.


Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Maybe you’re thinking about starting a podcast to boost your business – after all, Buffer did it! While we may all be streaming everything from Serial to 2 Dope Queens through our headphones, getting people to engage with your businesses podcast can be tough. Here are some suggestions to take your marketing to the next level with this medium.


When you have a deadline, a mile-long to-do list, or any other task that seems insurmountable it can be hard to take a step back and think about what really makes a difference both for you professionally and your business. This argument? Maybe productivity is more important than efficiency. If you’re a little confused, I feel you, but this piece elucidated it for me; productivity is about doing more with the same, whereas efficiency is about doing the same with less. Want to succeed companywide? Don’t focus on managing the denominator like headcount, focus on boosting the numerator. Remove obstacles to productivity, utilize talent in a strategic way, and inspire the workforce to improve growth.