no-excusesThere is one thing that every visitor of your website has in common: they have objections. They have a very good reason –real or fictitious, not to buy your product. And, it doesn’t really matter if the reasons are real or not; as long as you don’t handle their objections, they won’t but.
In order to get a product sold, you need to sell it to the right and left sides of the brain (people make emotional decisions and they justify them with logic). What this means to you is that you have to overcome the logical and emotional reasons that people have not to buy your stuff.
What Are the Most Common Objections and What Do They Really Mean?
– It’s too expensive: here they’re saying one of these things:
o I don’t have enough money to pay for your stuff (this is a valid reason but it doesn’t happen often. Can you offer monthly installments or BillMeLater on your site?)
o Your stuff costs more than I’m willing to pay for it (if this is the case, you need to understand that people aren’t objecting about your price, they’re objecting about your value. They feel like what they’re getting is not the price you’re selling it for. In this case you need to do a better job at showing the value of your product. Remember, if you can convince people that your product is worth 10 times more than its price, selling it will be really easy).
o Your stuff costs more than what your competition sells similar items for (you shouldn’t allow people to compare your stuff with your competitors’. Make it unique so comparisons are not possible. Make sure that what makes your product unique is something of value; having a red box instead of a blue one won’t do the trick.)
– I don’t trust you: they might use different words, but this is what they really mean. What are you doing to show how credible you are? Use testimonials, media mentions of your company, trust logos (BBB, HackerSafe, 2008 Business of the year, etc.)
If you can show people that others like them trusted you, took the leap of faith and everything worked out great, your chances of getting the sale will be really good.
– What if it doesn’t work? This is the main concern people have. And it’s completely genuine. After all, how many times have you bough something to discover later that it was crap? What you need to do in this case is to have a risk-reversal tactic (or several) so people come on top even if your product doesn’t work.
100% money back guarantee is not enough, because if your product doesn’t work, it’ll take you about 10 days to refund their money and they will have to go to the post office to ship your product back to you. In this case, people will feel that if your product doesn’t work, they’ll have lost something.
Go beyond the standard 100% money back guarantee. Offer 200% or 100% and they get to keep your product (or part of it if it’s a set of some kind). You can offer same-day pick up of your product and refund of their money, or get it now and pay it in 30 days only if you decide to keep it.
Give it a shot and you’ll be amazed at the results you get.
How to Overcome Objections
Acknowledge them. If you try to hide them, people will still have unresolved objections on their minds. Don’t think that you might give people reasons not to buy by bringing up objections. They already have those objections, you’re just coming clean and explaining why things are that way.
If you’re product is more expensive than your competitors, explain why and make it a benefit, not a disadvantage. If you don’t have testimonials, explain that your product is new and that you are offering at a discounted price so you can gather testimonials as fast as possible. Do you see how it works? Come up with a list of possible reasons why people won’t buy your products and overcome them.
For the ultimate objection-overcoming experience, you can use testimonials from people that were in the same situation as your current prospects, took the leap and changed their lives forever. Something like this would work like a charm:
“At first I was very skeptical about this product. And the price looked really expensive too. But I was sick of having acne so I decided that it was worth giving it a shot. I’m so glad I did! My skin is a lot clearer now and I don’t feel self-conscious about my appearance anymore.”