While video is commonly used as a marketing tactic, understanding how and why to implement it is still hazy. Marketers often choose to use video for social or on-page campaigns without thinking about how it can amplify marketing efforts. Instead, they choose to use video as a one-off, or to launch a totally new campaign. According to what we’ve seen, the most successful video builds on what has already worked and serves the purpose of enhancing or elaborating on those topics and themes.

Connecting with your audience with a new medium is a great feeling, but video can be expensive and time-consuming. Ready to use it more effectively? Our video designer, Kellie Heath, put together some best practices for you to use.

What is the best length and type for a Facebook video?

For Facebook, between eight and 16 seconds performed best. In terms of the type of video, how to, did you know, and tips performed best.

What is the best length and type for a YouTube video?

YouTube videos tended to perform better when they were longer, between 11 and 50 seconds, and benefitted from educational and local videos. A bonus? People were likely to finish a video on YouTube, so feel free to pack it with information.

What is the best length and type for an on-page video?

On-page, videos had the same results that YouTube did. We were pleased to see longer educational videos, between 11 and 50 seconds performing well. The results? Time on page increased by over a minute and a half.

What is the best length and type for Instagram videos?

Instagram videos hover in the middle, with their top performing videos being between 15 and 30 seconds. Educational videos also did well on this platform, but more social and tips based videos were also strong performers. A great metric to measure Instagram video success is via saves.

chart-of-social-video-optimal-timesOur video best practices:

  • Keep it short! People usually only watch the first 6 seconds of a video. Typically the shorter the video the better the results.
  • Keep it interesting/focus on first 6 seconds. This can be done by evoking emotion, curiosity, answering a question, etc.
  • Keep it simple & remember simplicity shouldn’t limit creativity.
  • Have clear goals before going into creating a video.
  • Measure success, and use findings to improve your strategy for the next video.

video-results-and-typesWhat are some different video types to try?

We’re always experimenting with new and different video types. As you experiment, learn more about your audience and how different videos perform on different platforms. There is no one right way to do video, and above all, you should be focused on your audience’s experience. Check out some of our best performers in each category below.

Tips Video

Educational Video

Local Video

How To Video

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