content-is-kingTip #1: Don’t Stuff Keywords All Over the Place
Just don’t. It looks awful and your readers won’t appreciate it. It’s OK if you want to put your keywords here and there (whenever it makes sense) but don’t overdo it. Your goal is to get buyers, not just visitors. You’ll repel your visitors if all they see on your website is keywords.

Tip #2: Give Too Much Away for FREE
Everybody is putting out good info these days. “Good” isn’t good enough anymore. You have to go the extra mile and reveal all your secrets. The good news is that most people will see your content and think “this is great. This person really knows what she’s talking about. But, this is too much work and I don’t want to do this myself. I’ll hire her to do it for me.” Don’t be afraid of people “stealing” your secrets. If you don’t reveal them, your competitors will.

Tip #3: Make Complex Things Simple
Nothing is new; everything has been written already. The problem is that most people out there are lousy communicators and they write complex and boring articles. Take complex information and lay it out in a simple “step-by-step” way that your readers can easily understand.

Tip #4: Be Yourself
Most people that find writing hard are trying to be someone else. Just be yourself. Write like you talk. People appreciate original personalities.

Tip #5: Have Two-Way Conversations
Ask for feedback and comments. Ask questions. It shouldn’t be about you; it should be about your readers. Get them involved and they’ll feel part of something.

Tip #6: Seven Proven Types of Content
We’ve tested a lot of different content and these are the seven types that are proven to work time and time again:

  • “How To” articles (How to Read Faster, How to Save $100 per Week, etc.)
  • Lists (7 Secrets, 5 Ways, Top 10, etc.)
  • Demos and tutorials (don’t tell them how it’s done; SHOW them)
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Case studies (people love reading about others just like them who made it big)
  • Expert interviews
  • News (tie current events to what’s happening in your industry)