Do you want to find out how you can come up with great ideas for your blog posts? Check out these tips.
Soovle is an amazing tool that suggests topics based on a keyword. You’re gonna love it! Go ahead and try it; enter a keyword a see what happens.

AllTop is a news aggregator that shows you the most popular posts on the web at any given time. Great for inspiration!

This one is my favorite. Go to the top forums in your industry and sort all the threads by the number of responses so the most popular ones appear at the top. These are the hottest topics; these are the questions people want answers to.

The screenshot above is from a gardening forum. All these threads had over 900 responses! These are amazing ideas for blog posts.
Blog Comments
You can do the same thing with blog comments. People ask questions and talk about their problems in blog comments all the time. Subscribe to the top blogs in your industry (which I hope you’ve done already) and keep your eyes open for questions and problems that you could address on your blog.
Very few people know that you can actually search Facebook posts. This is how you can do it to get article ideas for your blog:

  1. Search for something like “[keyword] tips” or “how to [keyword]” and click on “See More Results…”
  2. Click on “Public Posts”
  3. See what people are posting about this topic!
  4. These are some queries you might want to try: “I have a question about” and “question [keyword]”

Quora is the most amazing site to find questions people are seeking answers to. Great source of ideas for content.

Ask People
Never underestimate the power of asking people what they want. Tweet a question, post it to Facebook or to your blog. Let me lead with the example: what’s the one thing you’d like to know about Internet marketing? Ask me your most burning question and I’ll consider writing a whole blog post for you.