Start off your week strong with our curated list of tips and inspiration around every aspect of the digital marketing world. This is the Mad Fish Catch of the Week.


In the SEO industry, proving effectiveness often relies on tracking rankings month over month or year over year. However, rankings and traffic are not always connected, and ultimately your mark of success will be conversions – not ranking number one. Focusing on specific long-tail keywords, setting up event tracking to monitor your conversions and driving targeted traffic is likely to have more of an impact on your business. Get into the details here.


Many businesses are using social media for their PPC efforts. Incorporating Facebook into a PPC strategy is often smart, as targeting specific audiences in compelling ways is made easier with Facebook’s ad tool. Common mistakes can be costly though – for instance, crafting a large, less targeted audience driving the CPC up or advertising to those who already like your product. Want to see things take off? Focus more on the copy, image, and customer intent. What kinds of people are you looking for? Instead of building the largest audience possible, build small targeted audiences you can market the right ads to at the right time. You got this.


Wondering what design week is really like in Portland? We broke it down in this piece with essential tips, what it’s all about, and some of the must-attend events from this year. Check it out and make sure you register for Mad Fish’s Open House if you’re in the Portland area. We can’t wait to see you.

Social Media

When you open Instagram, what do you view first: stories or your feed? While we have been consuming media in a feed for years now, the rules are being rewritten with new features. Whether it’s Twitter’s “While you were away” to algorithms to Medium’s home page being based on your past reading habits, AI is taking over. With videos and images becoming a focal part of how we communicate on social, newsfeeds start to feel stale and moments and stories feeling like real communication social is changing. The format is evolving instead of the platform. Want to geek out about this more? Read on.

Content Marketing

While content marketing continues to boom, understanding the why and how behind strategies tends to lag. While companies recognize the importance of delivering impactful, informational content they are still struggling to get into a regular cadence, improve readability, and focus on compelling ideas that draw in new customers and drive conversions. Getting down to the basic content types, making a schedule, and sticking to it are the foundations of a buildable content strategy. Make sure you’re measuring results and adjusting accordingly. Get more info here.


It’s official: you can blame your lack of productivity on your coworkers. Sort of. It’s not their music or food preferences that are really bugging you – it’s your clashing workstyles. At Mad Fish, we’re constantly working on collaboration and increasing effectiveness. Using different tools, from Toggl to Asana, we try to stay ahead and keep innovating, but when you’re working on a big project, learning another team members work styles can help you make the most of each of your skills without wasting time. Do you prefer to communicate in person? Is it important to have tasks explained to you in writing? How about when you like to have meetings? Identifying the different workstyles will allow you to work smarter not harder. You got this.


It’s not always you wrecking your productivity. Whether your notifications are driving you crazy, you’re bored, or you just can’t focus without that third cup of coffee it can be stressful to not be able to just get your work done. Turns out, it may also be your environment. We’re loving this piece breaking down the a-z’s of office improvements that can help you up the ante with your productivity. Check it out and start making small changes with big impact.