There are a lot of cool ways to use Google to do market research. These are some Google queries that will provide you with priceless information. Replace the variables between brackets with whatever applies in your case.
Find Out What People Hate About Your Competitors

  • “hate [ACME]”
  • “[ACME] sucks”
  • ACME AND rip off

You should do this with every one of your main competitors.

Find Out What People Love About Your Competitors

  • “love [ACME]”
  • “[ACME] rocks”

Find Out What People Are Saying About Your Company
Although you can do a one-time Google search for your company name and your CEO’s name, this is something you’ll want to track on a daily basis. This article explains how to create a brand monitoring dashboard.

Find Out What Are the Hot Topics in Your Industry
Use Google Trends to search for your main keyword.

Learn More About Your Demographics
Use Google Insights to learn more about your target audience. Quantcast is another awesome tool that you can run on your own site or the top competitor in your industry.

Find Out What Are the Most Common Objections for Your Products

  1. Search for forums in your industry.
  2. Sort the threads to see the ones with more replies at the top. These will be the major concerns of your target audience.
  3. Read the top 20-50 results to have a clear understanding of the most common objections you’re going to encounter.
  4. Use social proof (testimonials, case studies, list of happy clients, references, etc.) that addresses the most common objections to overcome them.