Start off your week strong with our curated list of tips and inspiration around every aspect of the digital marketing world. This is the Mad Fish Catch of the Week.


While there is no bulletproof solution for SEO, there are tips and tricks any company can implement to help them rank better and improve user experience. Check out this beginner guide to ensure you know what needs to happen and feel free to reach out to us at Mad Fish Digital for more help.


While many still operate their Social and SEM teams separately, as the digital world transforms it is crucial to connect departments and optimize paid ads together. Check out these 15 tips to make your campaigns shine.


With crowded websites and more advertising noise, making your ads truly stand out and perform has become more of a challenge for designers. However, we all get stuck sometimes and creative banner ads can be a challenge due to the dimensions. Check out these tips to help them get more clicks and convert with ease.

Social Media

Travel, food, and health brands seem to be exploding lately. Whether it’s the hot new mattress or a new way of booking your flights it’s harder and harder to stand out. The key to making it in the industry? Injecting humanity into your brand voice and tone. Use these tips to start reaching audiences in a more authentic way.

Content Marketing

It’s hard to believe that July is already more than half over and start looking ahead to August content. Time flies, especially in the summer, and hopping on the trends in content moving into the Fall can make the difference for a successful holiday season for your brand. These topics to help boost your August content are great for any e-commerce business. Check it out!


We’re chatting about a new method for creating teams and fostering innovation this week, based on a shift in the way offices and teams are organized. Learn more about taking inspiration from other places, as well as rethinking traditional business structures in this blog post.


It’s not all about apps. In this week’s tip, we’re talking about how focusing on emotional intelligence can help you be more productive at work and at home. Recognizing where emotions are coming from and when they happen to help you keep a calm attitude during stressful periods at work. They help you thrive regardless of what’s going on around you. Learn more about managing your emotions to maximize your productivity here.