introSocial networking is the latest buzz word when it comes to online marketing. However, you may have overlooked an even more powerful tool to add to your promotional arsenal: niche social networking. Social networking sites target mass audiences which is helpful when you want to appeal to a LOT of people at the same time. Niche social networking allows your company to really focus and target markets specific to your industry.
Before you take the social marketing world by storm, spend some time researching niche social network sites. You will waste time and energy if you ONLY blast marketing messages to big social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Think about your demographics – WHO will actually benefit from the services and products you promote on niche social networks?
The following sites can be helpful networking tools for your company and industry:
ActiveRain– Specifically focused on the real estate industry, this site connects real estate agents and brokers.
BallHype – Sports buffs can find the latest sports news, videos and weekly highlights.
BuzzFlash – For political junkies, this progressive news site allows readers to submit their favorite political-based stories and members vote on favorite stories.
CafeMom – Geared towards moms, CaféMom allows moms and soon-to-be moms to share parenting tips and advice.
Care2 – This niche site is dedicated to an earth-friendly audience. People can interact with others who live the “green” lifestyle.
Closet Couture – For fashionistas, this site hits the mark with the fashion world, stylists and clothing retailers.
Daytipper – Daytipper allows members to share their expertise including favorite practical tips that make every day life easier.
Dealigg – Bargain hunters can browse the latest bargains, coupons and deals on the Internet. Members can also post their hot deals on the site.
Design Float – Web and graphic designer submit industry news and vote on popular stories. The site is broken down into specific categories ranging from digital art to identity and branding.
DNHour – This site features popular domaining news and stories.
Dogster – For dog lovers, this niche social networking site addresses everything you wanted to know about dogs from care to how to find a dog. Connect easily with other dog owners and breeders.
Members participate by submitting a favorite sports story.
Sermo – A site dedicated to medical doctors. Physicians share clinical discussions, and collaborate on opinions for new medications and treatments.
ShowHype – For celebrity fans, members post and share the latest Hollywood gossip and news.
Snooth – For vino lovers, this site is all about wine targeted to both experts and beginner wine connoisseurs.
TeamSugar – A great place for women to connect – share fashion and beauty tips, swap recipes and write daily blogs.
Tip’d – This community is geared towards financial news and insider tips. The site is broken down into specific categories such as business, stocks and personal finance.