guest_bloggingYou’ve finally figured out the ins and outs of your blog. However, you are missing out on a HUGE blogging secret – guest blogging! This is one of the best and easiest ways to promote your blog (and your company).
The idea behind guest blogging is to contact other bloggers in your industry and offer to send them “exclusive” content for their sites. Obviously, you need to have a well-established blog with strong content before you guest blog. You need to prove to other bloggers that your content provides REAL VALUE to their subscribers.
Benefits of Guest Blogging
guestblogging1• Increased traffic and backlinks
• Connect with other bloggers/experts in your field – share ideas and information
• Allows you to write about “fresh” topics you might not necessarily write about on your own blog
• FREE targeted exposure
• Improves your online reputation/company branding
Networking Opportunities
When other bloggers accept you as a “guest blogger” on their site, you are now exposed to NEW people (blog subscribers). Readers will get to know you as a result of your content. It’s important to include a byline that includes your company information, short bio, and links to your websites, blogs, etc. Another plus for your SEO!
Another huge benefit associated with guest blogging is FEEDBACK from your host blogger and their subscribers. This is how you earn your reputation as an expert in your field.
You create a LOT of opportunity for yourself and your company! Maybe one of their subscribers has a blog in your industry and asks you to guest blog for them TOO! You never know what opportunities could arise from guest blogging. You have potential customers and clients right at your fingertips.
How to Hit the Mark with Guest Blogging
guestblogging2Before you start guest blogging, keep the following tips in mind. Remember this is a win-win situation for you, the blogger and their readers and you need to hit the mark every time with great posts!
• Use Google Blogs to find blogs in your niche/industry.
• Research the blog and its audience – What voice/style does the blogger use? Who are their subscribers? What kinds of posts get the most comments?
• Could you fill in gaps with innovative topics? – Maybe there are topics that the blogger hasn’t covered yet. Add a new perspective by writing posts that give a unique twist to the blog’s niche/subject.
• Be reliable and add value – If you commit to three posts a week, then stick to your commitment. Don’t add “fluff” to the blog. The blogger wants valuable content so that’s what you need to produce every time!
• Share your personal story/professional experiences – You don’t need to write a full biographical sketch, but readers want to know about your “real world” experiences. How can you relate back to the blog’s readers and offer them personal insight?
• Don’t neglect YOUR blog – It’s easy to let your blog fall to the wayside when you guest blog. You draw more traffic to your site as a result of your guest blogging. Make an effort to keep your blog current and continue to provide GREAT content to your readers!