Search query recommendations are great. We love these little tidbits Google shares with us as we busily search for information in the browser. We think we know what we are looking for but the ‘people also search for’ recommendations give us a few of those ‘oh yeah’ pauses that help us refine our search to find the best answers.

Google has been testing where these lists should live for a while.

They are shared at the end of a multi-option page of SERPs:

And in the accordion-like format for question focused searches:

I’m personally a fan of Google’s latest iteration:

How do you get this view?

This latest placement is triggered if you select a result from your query (desktop only right now) and then hit the back-button, essentially indicating that you did not find what you were looking for. You see the selected result and then directly below it other options that may help refine your search.

You can see that the people also search for results differ between the bottom of the page results and the those shown directly under the listing.  Those at the bottom are more general, keyword query phrases while those directly under a result are more tailored to that specific result.

What do you think? Is this helpful or just more tinkering from the Google folks?