Hot-SeatI hope you’ve been enjoying the Internet marketing articles I’ve been writing and the webinars I’ve been doing. But, let’s be HONEST: How much can you actually learn from theory? What if I could show you specific examples of how real companies can use Internet marketing to skyrocket their revenue?
I decided to start doing a hot-seat webinar every two weeks.
How It Works

  • I’ll need three volunteers who want to get a full analysis of their websites and Internet marketing strategies.
  • I’ll meet with my team and we’ll spend two hours doing research for each website.
  • At the webinar I’ll share our findings. We charge our clients $2,600 for this analysis but if you volunteer you’ll basically get that much value for free.
  • Even if you don’t volunteer, attending the webinar is guaranteed to skyrocket your Internet Marketing IQ. You’re going to learn how some of the best Internet marketers think and what approach we’d take to help real businesses make a lot of money and get a lot of clients.

What I’ll Be Analyzing

  • What you need to fix on your site to rank at the top of Google.
  • Personalized advice on how you can use social media and blogging to your advantage.
  • Website critique: I’ll share with you some ideas on how you can improve your site to get more customers.
  • How to optimize your business model to make more money, from more customers, more often.

The Companies We’ll Be Analyzing
We already have our three volunteers for the first event, but we’ll be doing these hot-seats every two weeks, so if you want to volunteer, you’ll find the instructions at the end of this post.

  • I’ll show you why Google HATES this site and what the company needs to do to fix this simple (but big) mistake). I’ll also show you some major issues with the site that make it really difficult to navigate. Also, they’re making the biggest marketing mistake in the world; I’ll show you what it is and how to fix it.
  • I’ll show you what they need to do to rank #1 on Google (and the reasons why they’re not there now).
  • I’ll show you how they can improve their copy to triple their conversion rates. Also, I’ll show you a social media marketing blueprint that will position Ann as an expert in her industry.

The first hot-seat webinar is on Tuesday May 10, 2011, at 1pm PST. It’ll be 30-minutes-long and we’ll have a 15-minute Q&A session after that.
I’ve done many hot-seats so believe me when I say you’re going to absolutely LOVE this webinar.
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How to Volunteer

  • Fill out the form below.
  • I can only review three companies every two weeks and I’m sending this blog posts to my 22,000 subscribers, so chances are that it’ll be a few months before I can review your website. But maybe you’re lucky and your website gets picked next week. The selection will be completely random and every website will have the same odds, so please don’t ask me for “preferential treatment”.
  • If you want us to analyze your Google Analytics, AdWords campaign, Facebook advertising campaign, affiliate marketing program, etc., please enter the login information in the “Comments” field. For Analytics you can add the user to your account. For AdWords you can add the user to your account. If you do this, please use the “Comments” field to let us know you’ve granted us access.