Landing Page OptimizationTotal Website Makeover: How to Transform an Underperforming Site into the Most Effective Selling Machine

What You’ll Learn:

  • The 7-Step Proven System to find out what your visitors want (So you can give it to them and skyrocket your sales through the roof!)
  • Why treating all of your visitors as if they’re ready to buy from you is the biggest mistake you can ever make (And what smart marketers do about this)
  • The two questions that you need to answer to get people to buy.
  • The six most powerful psychological triggers and how to use them to persuade your visitors to take action!
  • Why credibility is so important and how you can get your visitors to truly trust you, buy from you, and recommend you to their friends.
  • How to build a Web 3.0 website so your visitors engage with your brand, come back more often, and share your content by email and on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Why less is more, cheap products are more difficult to sell than expensive ones, and playing hard to get can actually get you more business.
  • How to ask the right questions to find out what your visitors really want (Hint: it’s not what they’re telling you!)
  • The 15 most common web design mistakes and how you can avoid them.
  • Do you have a website that doesn’t make any money? I’ll talk about the best ways to monetize a site or a blog.
  • I’ll show you 5 of the best performing landing pages in the world and I’ll tell you why they work so well.
  • 8 must-have tools for anyone who has a website.


  • I’ll do a live analysis of a few websites owned by people in the audience.
  • We’ll have 15 minutes to network and get to know each other a little better.

How Much Does It Cost?
It’s free. What’s the catch? There’s no catch. I won’t try to sell you anything. In fact, I have nothing to sell! I’m already way too busy!
This year I started a non-profit to help business owners with their Internet marketing. I love sharing what I know and I feel good when I do it. That’s it. There’s no catch.
We’ll also provide snacks and beverages.
When Is It?
Thursday, November 18, from 6.30pm until 8.30pm.
Where Is It?
Continuous Learning for Individuals, Management and Business (CLIMB).
1626 SE Water Ave. – Look for Us in the Auditorium
Portland, OR 97214
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If you have questions, please feel free to email me at
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