The financial tech industry can be an intimidating space. However, with millennials and even Gen Z starting to look at planning for their financial future, businesses are innovating and making more values-driven and user-friendly services. We’re highlighting the top 5 FinTech companies that we see changing the industry. From folks focused on helping employers empower employees, to green energy projects, to individual micro-investing apps. Learn more about the folks who are disrupting the industry below.


How much information have you gotten from your employer about financial wellness? Even at the most invested companies, talking about financial health and planning isn’t always part of the support you’ll get. HoneyBee is seeking to change that. With support for student loan payments, savings, debt management, and building credit, they support businesses by supporting their employees. Their financial tech solution offers a resource for HR departments looking to better support employees financial goals. As a Certified B Corp, HoneyBee puts values first. They want to put more empathy into banking and financial planning, all while helping great businesses elevate their employees. Way to go, HoneyBee!


Saving and investments used to feel out of reach to the average person. That’s where Acorns steps in. With a financial tech platform and a mission to increase micro-investing, they’ve built a dedicated member base who use the platform to achieve their financial goals. Over time, the company has expanded from methods for saving to investment and banking opportunities. Plus, they’re committed to being a business that is a force for good as well. They’ve restored over 550 acres of forest and planted 178,000 trees. Pretty cool for a financial company.


It’s no secret that finance is generally a boy’s club. Ellevest is taking the financial tech industry and turning it into something accessible for women. Their mission? Get more money into the hands of women. With their membership platform, they offer financial coaching, investment advice, and help in making future financial decisions with women’s needs in mind. Their platform is sleek, using a combination of great branding and usability to attract potential customers. Plus, they’re creating space in an industry that has traditionally left women out. We’re stoked to see how they grow and reach new heights.

New Resource Solutions

New Resource Solutions is a financial services platform developed to connect clean energy projects with clean energy investors. They use creative solutions that help support both investors and project partners with ways to develop and finance projects with realistic goals and timelines. In addition, their transparency shines through. They’re a Certified B Corp, and focus on making a positive environmental impact on the world. When many financial companies care more about their bottom line than the land they’re on, New Resource Solutions is a welcome change. Great job!


Financial tech and investments often go hand-in-hand with extractive industries. For purpose-driven investors, finding a solution that allows them to invest with their values is crucial. That’s where Tickr comes in. Tickr is an app that makes it simple to invest in companies working to solace social and environmental problems, while making a profit. Climate change, disruptive tech, and equality are three of their focus areas. They’re also committed to making investing accessible and simple for folks new to the industry. You can use their app to invest, set risk levels, and grow your savings–all while doing good. 


Did we miss your favorite business? Reach out to us to let us know. We’re looking forward to watching the financial tech space for more businesses helping folks increase their financial wellness and make the world a better place.