Well friends, we have reached the end of 2014. How are you feeling about it? At Mad Fish we all have a feeling of accomplishment. This year was huge for us; between new employee hires, new clients, and our new office (which we’ll stop talking about soon, we promise) the Mad Fish crew has been busy.

Through it all, our commitment to providing readers with creative, engaging content has only become stronger. One of our fundamental recommendations to new and existing clients is to write unique content that people will want to read and share. In the spirit of leading by example, here are our most popular blogs of 2014:

What “The Voice” Can Teach You About Online Marketing

The Voice offers a great example of how collaboration and branding are the keys to success. The same is true of online marketing. Without a team that you trust, marketing your brand online can feel like a daunting task.

Developing a Display Advertising Campaign for Maximum Impact

The internet is visual, folks. A beautiful image-based ad is going to be more appealing to a potential client than plain text. Not sure how to get started? Marcella has a few pointers regarding design and audience targeting.

Importance of a Site Audit

The New Year is coming. How are you updating your marketing strategy? What needs improvement? One document can help you plan for 2015: a site audit. Site audits examine site architecture, keyword usage, social media marketing, and online branding; all of which give you a great jumping off point for discussing future marketing efforts.

Proper Website Phone Tracking for SEO

Tracking your business’ phone calls as they come from online sources is one of the best ways to determine how well your online marketing efforts are performing. We dive into how phone tracking works and how it will affect your SEO.

How Businesses Can Utilize Houzz for SEO

Houzz is a highly reputable online community of industry professionals that talk about everything home improvement related. Smart marketers use Houzz to promote relevant clients for increased exposure to non-local search queries.

Thinking Outside the Aquarium

We have always fancied ourselves as cutting edge marketers who are ahead of the corporate culture game. This year, we put that belief to the test by abolishing our PTO policy. Mad Fish employees now enjoy unlimited paid time off, as long as they keep the team informed of their schedules. We’re all adults here, so we decided to act like it.


We look forward to bringing you even better content in 2015! Happy New Year’s everyone. We’ll see you next year!