The holiday season is about connecting with loved ones and taking time to reflect on the year and your intentions. With that in mind, we at Mad Fish Digital have been thinking about the impact of our gifts and daily habits. In conjunction with the Vote Every Day, Vote B Corp campaign, we’re taking things to the next level. Below, we’ve created a B Corp gift guide, highlighting the incredible businesses in Portland and beyond that are serving not just their profits, but the planet and their people as well. When you use your dollars to support organizations that align with your values, you’re voting. Check out our B Corp holiday gift guide below.

Bombas – Socks

Three people wearing holiday socks
Photo by Bombas

Bombas make socks with a purpose. They provide arch support, eliminated the pesky toe seam, and for every pair you buy they provide a pair to someone in need.

Scout Books – Notebooks

Notebook in front of desk
Photo by Mad Fish Digital

Tiny notebooks with big heart? Scout Books make a perfect gift for the artist, writer, or to-do lister in your life. We liked them so much we even made our own.

Nossa Familia and Stumptown – Coffee

Coffee shops in Portland, Oregon
Photo by Nossa Familia Coffee and Stumptown Coffee Roasters

For your caffeine lovers, Stumptown and Nossa Familia are local Portland companies that can provide the fuel to get through your day and the perfect stocking stuffer.

Fully – Active Workspaces

Women working together in an office
Photo by Fully

Have a loved one who works in an office, they need Fully’s products. These active workspace products help you stay engaged and comfortable in your body throughout the day.

Wild Friends – Nut Butter

Nut butters and treats in a shopping basket
Photo by Wild Friends

Sweet treats, sustainably made. If you have a health food lover or a nut butter fanatic in your life, Wild Friends is the perfect treat.

Athleta – Workout Gear

Women hiking in the woods
Photo by Athleta

Gym clothes don’t have to be bad for the environment! Get your gear from Athleta for the gym rat in your life.

KOTN – Clothing

People modeling clothing
Photo by Kotn

Better basics. From cozy sweaters to stylish dresses, Kotn has you covered on timeless clothing gifts.

Allbirds – Shoes

Woman sitting with dog on a dock
Photo by Allbirds

The shoes you’ve seen all over your Instagram feed for the past few years also happen to be a B Corp. Grab a pair for the sneakerhead in your life… and maybe yourself too.

Patagonia – Outdoor Apparel

Baby sitting in the dirt
Photo by Patagonia

If you love the great outdoors or know someone who does, Patagonia is probably one of your go-to’s. Grab something from them this season and support one of the pioneers of the B Corp movement.

West Paw – Pet Accessories

Dog playing with a toy while rolling in the grass
Photo by West Paw

Dog toys are often wasteful and have to be thrown away. West Paw makes durable (Mad Fish dog tested and approved) toys that pups enjoy. Check out the variety of options on their site.

Uncommon Goods – Gifts

Phone holder and planter on a desk
Photo by Uncommon Goods

Grab home decor, games, and other fun gifts from Uncommon Goods while supporting a great company.

Noonday Collection – Jewelry

Jewelry flatlay
Photo by Noonday Collection

Noonday makes beautiful, unique pieces that will last a lifetime. Check out their selection of jewelry and get a little something special.

Casper – Bedding and Mattresses

Bed with dog underneath
Photo by Casper

Bedding, mattresses, pet beds, oh my! Casper is a B Corp that is committed to helping you get better sleep all around.

Keep Cup – Reusable Cups

Reusable cup in front of wall
Photo by Keep Cup

Keep Cups are adorable, environmentally friendly, and convenient. Check ’em out and ditch the paper.

Stash Tea, Numi Tea, and Yogi Tea – Tea

Three B Corp Tea Companies
Photos by Stash Tea, Numi Tea, and Yogi Tea

Got a tea lover in your life? These three brands mean you’ll never run low on ethically made tea that fits your tastes.

Tony’s Chocolonely and Rescue Chocolates – Chocolate

Chocolate treats
Photos by Tony’s Chocolonely and Rescue Chocolate

Tony’s Chocolonely and Rescue Chocolates provide ethical alternatives to conventionally made chocolate. With Tony’s, you’ll get a myriad of flavors and styles to fit every taste. With Rescue, your purchase of their vegan chocolate delights will help support animal rescues. Way to go, y’all!

A – Z Wineworks – Wine

Wine on a table with fruit
Photo by A to Z Wineworks

Wine, but make it sustainable. Grab some bottles to share this season from A – Z Wineworks and support a great organization while sipping delicious vino.

Glory Bee – Honey and Beeswax Products

Honey products and sticks on table
Photo by Glory Bee

Okay, so we know this is very Portland of us… but who doesn’t love bees!? Glory Bee can provide you with delicious honey, honey products, honey sticks, as well as beeswax and essential oils. Check ’em out!

Beautycounter – Cosmetics and Skincare

Skincare products on a table
Photo by Beautycounter

Looking for beauty and skincare? Beautycounter helps provide you with ethical beauty products that really work.

Thrive Market – Groceries, Skincare, and Natural Products

Baking products on table
Photo by Thrive Market

Need a catch-all gift? Gift cards or products from Thrive Market come with the added benefit of supporting a B Corporation.

Happy shopping y’all–and have a wonderful holiday season!