nullOut of all the tasks related to Search
Engine Optimization
, link building is probably the most important one. Do-Follow blogs are one of the most incredible opportunities to get links to your website, traffic, and boost your search engine rankings.

What is a Do-Follow Link?
Some websites assign a nofollow tag to some links. That is a message to the search engines saying “I don’t trust this link, don’t count it”. Most blogs use this tag to protect themselves from people posting spam comments all the time. If the links don’t count, spammers don’t waste their time there.
But not all blogs are “no-follow”, some are “do-follow”, which, as you can imagine, is the exact opposite.
How Can You Find DoFollow Blogs?
These are some of my favorite resources to find them:
Comment Hunt
Do Follow Blogs
Stephan Miller’s Website
Squidoo DoFollow List
And last, but not least, there is Fast Blog Finder, an amazing software that lets you find dofollow blogs and sort them by Page Rank.
The Kind of Blogs You Need to Find
Your goal here is to find 10-20 blogs that meet this criteria:

  • Have dofollow links for comments (you can use the SEObook toolbar to highlight nofollow links)
  • Have a Page Rank of 3 or more
  • Have several comments for each post written (this indicates high readership)

How to Post Comments
99% of the blog comments are moderated. If you post a spam message, it will be removed. So don’t. Write something useful related to the post. The blog owner is giving you a link, so be kind enough to make a useful contribution to his blog.
Some blogs will allow you to put a keyword in the name field. This is great because that will be the link’s anchor text. This is any SEO’s dream: a link from a quality website with the perfect anchor text. Don’t always use the same anchor text; switch it up a bit to make the linking look more natural.