One of Mad Fish Digital’s values is fun(ish). When stressful situations come our way, we give this value a big hug and thank it for being around. As it is Stress Awareness Month, we thought we would share a few of the fun(ish) things we do around the office to cope with stress.  

We Eat Together

The Mad Fish Digital team loves food and loves to stop and enjoy a snack or lunch as a group. It is common to get a quick Slack message that chips and dip are being put out or that waffles are ready in the kitchen. We look forward to themed potluck lunches where folks bring their favorite game day snacks, grandma casseroles, and throw-back favorites or comfort foods to share. Cookie bake-offs and Pi(e) day celebrations are always part of our annual activities. In the common areas, we get to socialize and break-up our day in a way that helps us connect with each other outside of a conference room.  

We Watch Funny Videos

Somewhere along the line, we started watching animal videos during our group lunch breaks. Who can be completely stressed out when you are watching the fastest dog in agility competitions, or unlikely animal friends? Over the years we have added other bizarre video watching. A little laughter-induced endorphin rush is the perfect stress reliever during a difficult week.

We Play Games

The Mad Fish Digital game shelf is pretty legit. We have accumulated a robust collection of group games to break out on Friday afternoons when we all just need a little friendly competition. When a board game seems like too much structure, a round Betty White is put together. Stress is non-existent when your team member is trying to silently act out Dollywood or the French Revolution.

We Take Puppy Breaks

We love our office pups and take full advantage of opportunities to play during the day. Most every day there is a furry pal to great you – instant stress reducer. Whether it’s playing a round of fetch, giving one a snuggle, or just getting a peek of them during a meeting they remind us to take things a little lighter and laugh a little more.

We Take Walks

Mad Fish Digital is currently smack dab in the middle of a booming area of new construction. That makes for noisy days in the office. Some days we just need to leave our desk and walk a few blocks away to get some needed quiet and exercise. Whenever we can, we take the opportunity to walk with a teammate or two to get lunch at New Seasons or take one of the office pups for a stroll. A change of scenery and a bit of quiet a few blocks away can reset our day and gives us space from screens.  

We are still exploring new ways to help us reduce stress, build our team and generally keep things fun(ish). Things like mindfulness breaks and additional volunteer time outside of the office are activities we have been thinking about. What do you do at work to keep stress in check? You can learn more about the Mad Fish Digital culture and team on our site.