pencils_writingEven if you think your content is GOOD – good isn’t GOOD enough these days.
There are thousands of free articles online, yet not all the content floating around in cyberspace is even close to GREAT.
However, you can outshine mediocre content and provide content that makes people stand up and take notice! GREAT content sets you apart from your competitors and brands you. Content licensing allows redistribution/re-use of your content to be displayed on different sites (besides your own!)
The following tips show you HOW to use content licensing to your marketing advantage. These steps combine GREAT content with effective social networking tips. It’s THAT easy to generate thousands of links and potential clients/customers to your site!
Write Outstanding Content
1• Don’t duplicate what others are saying/talking about in your field. . Your content has to be better than GREAT! You are competing with millions of content writers across the world so you need to stand out amongst your competition.
• Give yourself a “real” voice. Create your own writing style – don’t copy another expert/writer in your field.
• Think about how your content will motivate people to change their lives in new and better ways – don’t JUST educate your readers. Solve a problem that hasn’t been solved before. Offer useful tips that people can apply in the REAL world!
• Brand yourself as an expert in the field. Research topics, news and trends in your industry and provide quality, VALUABLE content.
• Add video and images to your text articles. Utilize innovative “outside-the-box” content to capture your reader’s attention.
• Avoid jargon and technical language. Write to your audience’s level and use active words in headlines. Break down body text with sub-headers, bullet points, etc. and make it short. People don’t have time to read wordy, never-ending articles!
Spread The Word
2It won’t do you any good if your articles collect dust on your hard drive, you need to spread the word and promote your content. Social networking is one of the best and most effective tools to share content.
• Post your articles to Facebook and LinkedIn (post to groups)
• Add content to social bookmarking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon
• Post to free article directories such as EzineArticles and ArticlesBase
• Interact with online forums/communities and post articles – share tips and tricks, answer questions and post articles (a great way to increase links!)
• Post content to blogs and other appropriate niche sites (aim for a guest blogging spot and ask host blogger to add guest articles to their site)
• Create targeted email marketing campaigns and send informative articles to email lists
The Power of the Masses
3At the end of each article, make sure to include your bio with your links. Ask people to share your article/content with others or include on their site. Remember to add a disclaimer that they can use the content as long as they mention YOUR name/company name as the original source of the content (an easy branding trick!)
Ask business contacts, clients, customers, etc. to post your articles on their web sites. This is an effective way to cross-market your company’s site (and a great way to publicize events and promotions).