Start off your week strong with our curated list of tips and inspiration around every aspect of the digital marketing world. This is the Mad Fish Catch of the Week.


As search engines evolve and consumers become savvier, some entrepreneurs are less excited about an SEO strategy. While SEO is often a less flashy compared to branding or aggressive social campaigns, it remains one of the most effective ways to reach your audience in an organic way. Not to mention, it still boasts a strong ROI. Learn more about why search engine optimization is still an integral part of your marketing strategy.


Perfecting your PPC ads is something we know well. While our PPC experts are always testing, there’s never a bad time for more ideas, and variations to help improve performance and strengthen campaigns. As testing is one of the ways we get stellar results, it’s important to stay vigilant and try innovative strategies regularly to ensure you don’t fall into a rut and start to lose momentum. Try these 10 to get started.


If you’ve been around long enough during the age of the internet, you probably know the generally negative opinions around the font Comic Sans. While we believe everyone deserves to use whatever font they choose (okay, maybe not windings) this isn’t our favorite either. However, this quiz tested our ability to identify the font as compared with similar styles. Check it out if you want a giggle.

Social Media

Landscape… or square? Which performs better? Buffer put their money to the test to find out which resonated more on which platforms. With a $1.5K budget, they set out to learn about how users interact with video ads both on mobile and desktop, depending on the video. The major findings? Square video works better for Instagram users (naturally), and targeting mobile users with video is always a stronger choice. If you want to save a buck though, reaching desktop users is cheaper in landscape video. Get into the details here.

Content Marketing

We’re a big fan of integrated marketing campaigns. While the organization of this piece is siloed, our collaborative approach is part of what makes our campaigns so strong, and we’re able to deliver content that feeds our PPC campaigns and the other way around. SEO optimizations, social media, branding, and SEM are all part of our collaborate efforts to elevate brands and help our clients win. This piece on how Marriot is doing the same thing with a focus on storytelling, creative control, a dedicated budget, and internal support has got us psyched to keep grinding. Dig into the details here.


As a women-driven company ourselves, we’re conscious of the way we work both in the office and externally. It’s hard to hear about any company having a difficult culture, but particularly one like Thinx who has been lauded as a feminist mecca that supports women and eliminated stigmas. If you haven’t read the details, check out the piece in Racked that details the companies brand hiccup where they failed to deliver the same experience to their employees as their customers. This piece on matching company culture to your brand is a great guiding light, and we’re keeping it in mind as we grow and evolve our strong female leadership team. Take a moment to focus on this culture check.


We’ve got bad news – all that stuff sitting on your desk is killing your productivity. Make the most of this week and take 10 minutes to sort it into piles, deal with what needs to be thrown out or put away and get down to business. Need more tips? Here are a few to get you started and make the process as seamless as possible. Have a great week.