Mad Fish Digital is a proud Portland company excited to help in the betterment of the city and the communities it serves. Where we can, we look to support and lift up local businesses and nonprofits that align with our values. Organizations working to improve the lives and careers of women, under-represented communities, and childhood education are of most importance to our team.

Our Policy

As a company, we identify local nonprofits and organizations that align with our annual focus areas and commit 3-5% of our annual net profits toward financial contributions in the form of monetary donations, supplies or volunteer time.

We sponsor two (2) days of service per year (240 hours) for staff to volunteer their time with community organizations.

On a case-by-case basis, we also dedicate staff time and resources toward pro-bono services for organizations that align with our core values of genuine collaboration and innovation and mirror our corporate focus of local support, diversity and inclusion.


All of the company’s charitable donations and volunteer services are collectively discussed and approved by the team each year. Final contributions are approved by the Chief Financial Officer.

Interested in Learning More?

Think your organization would be a great fit for Mad Fish Digital? Reach out to us at team@madfishdigital.com.

Please note that Mad Fish Digital does not make contributions to the following:

  • Political parties
  • Religious causes
  • Individuals seeking funds for personal endeavors