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Happy Clients, Happy You: 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Company Reviews

Don’t let a great company review go unnoticed. A glowing review from a happy customer is a fantastic tool to foster team enthusiasm and drive the growth of your business. When you get five stars from a customer on your

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Strategy & Balance

Maintaining Balance: Lessons in Digital Strategy Development

More often than not, businesses reach out to digital marketing companies such as ours for one reason: they want their companies to rank higher in Google search results so they are more easily found by their clients. They are typically

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Fast Doesn't Matter But Slow Can Kill You

Demystifying Website Speed: Load Time Goals, CDN Usage and Other Questions

With all the factors involved in making a website successful as a marketing tool, I’ve been asked recently where page speed falls on the importance spectrum? Is it as big of an issue as it used to be? Can a

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website usability analysis

Could Your Company Benefit from a Website Usability Analysis?

The short answer to this question is yes.

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4 Questions I Ask When Writing a Blog Post

Zillions of blogs – that’s what I feel the internet is cram-packed with.  There are so many wonderfully written blogs worth reading and following; I have blog-reader guilt weekly because I have no time to read them all.  But, there

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Advanced phone call tracking

Proper Website Phone Tracking for SEO

If you’re not already tracking your businesses incoming phone calls from online sources, then you should be.  Phone tracking, also referred to as “Website Phone Call Tracking”, “Metered Numbers”, or “Dynamic Call Tracking” is an essential means of determining how

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How Businesses Can Utilize Houzz for SEO

Perhaps you’re a home improvement junkie like me and love searching online for the latest remodeling and design ideas and photos. You may have noticed popping up in the search results more and more often. Houzz is not only

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Audit by LendingMemo, on

The Importance of a Site Audit for SEO

A website audit allows you and your SEO team to better plan for the long-term health and success of your website. In this post I’d like to examine some commonly asked questions about site audits and explain the myriad of

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Strategy by stefan.erschwender, on

The Importance of Good Hosting In an Online Marketing Strategy

The average cost of an entry-level web hosting package from a good web host is typically between $25 and $40 per month.  The problem with these hosting packages is that these $40 accounts are typically what we refer to as

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Understanding the SEO Value of Infographics

In the ever-changing world of SEO, the use of infographics has come to be seen as a successful way to provide diverse website content, promote a company brand and get valuable links. In this post we will walk you through

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