Client Profile

Sidecca is a national apparel retailer focused on female fashion for rockabilly, rave and alternative styles.

The Problem

Sidecca sells products online and in eight brick and mortar locations. The brand faced challenges in gaining awareness among their target consumer groups due to large competitors including Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters.


The social media team at Digital Aptitude set to improve Sidecca’s brand presence by utilizing community building and engagement tactics via Facebook.
The first step in creating an effective social media presence is building a community of loyal fans and followers. We used Facebook’s ad platform to map out a group of target customers. The plan was to first get users connected to the brand page on Facebook. Next, we implemented a strategy to provide useful content that would be interactive and easily shared. It is important to consider what types of content will be best for viral spread.
Campaign Goals

•Expand social community
•Boost social reach
•Amplify social engagement
•Increase online sales

Social Metrics

Social media campaigns are tied to metrics for reach, visibility and engagement. In essence, social platforms act as interactive media channels for brands to broadcast content.

Social community refers to the group of social media users connected to your brand. This could refer to the number of Twitter followers or Facebook ‘likes.’
Social reach refers to the potential exposure level of your content. A larger community equates to a larger social reach. The influence level of users connected to your brand can create a stronger reach.
Social engagement is defined by the level of exposure and interaction for content. For example, a video on Facebook may receive many actions such as ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘shares.’ This ultimately increases brand engagement and allows for content to be visible to a larger audience.

Strategy and Implementation

It is important to start by defining the target customer. We use customer personas to make community building and engagement efforts as effective as possible. These are groups segmented on the basis of demographic information, brand preferences and consumer habits.

Based on 5 unique customer personas, the team created social ad targeting to capture 8 million potential customers and brand influencers.These groups were segmented from the core audience of females ages 13-24.
1) Raver
2) Punk
3) Hipster/Rockabilly
4) Pin-up Girl
5) Retro-vintage

A unique landing experience was created using Facebook’s App Canvas. This component served to maximize the rate of community growth. In essence, there needs to be something unique, offering incentive for users to connect with a brand. We took into consideration that females ages 13-24 are one of the most powerful purchasing groups on the Web. Offering ‘hot deals’ for those connected with Sidecca worked to convert new visitors into fans.

Tip: Create unique landing pages catered to your ad messaging.

Once the campaign was launched, the team closely monitored Facebook Insights, optimizing campaign creative and content strategy, to drive customer engagement.

The best way to optimize ad creative is by A/B testing different images and ad text. Use the ad creative that yields the highest CTR (click-through rate), lowest CPC (cost per click) and highest action rate.
Once users are connected to the brand, post content that will drive actions such as ‘comments’ and ‘shares.’ Facebook Insights will reveal which content is the most engaging.
URL shortening tools and Google Analytics can be used to track how effectively social content is driving referral traffic.

Results (30 Days)

E-commerce traffic from social media increased by 1,000%

The social community increased by over 60% (6,000-10,000)

Social Reach went from 600,000 to 3.3 million

Social Engagement increased by 2,500%

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