In October 2012, Mad Fish was approached by a nationally-focused product testing facility to evaluate their current position online and make recommendations for improving the value they were getting out of their web site presence, both organically and through paid mediums.


Mad Fish set out with the following goals for our interaction with the client:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase rankings for key service types
  • Increase their brand exposure in key demographics
  • Improve the click-thru rates of the existing PPC campaign
  • Reduce the PPC effort’s price per conversion


Mad Fish performed a technical audit on the website, developed a list of key elements holding the site back from better rankings, and implemented all of them in the first two months of service. These improvements included web updates to increase conversions (web leads) and better conversion tracking overall.

Mad Fish also performed a complete overhaul of the existing PPC campaign by segmenting a few very large campaigns into smaller more specific ones. This allowed the client to have greater flexibility allocating the budget for specific products and services. With this restructuring also came improved ad copy, increased keyword coverage and extensive negative keyword matching to reduce costs and improve the quality of the leads.

Once the foundation was complete, Mad Fish began an Integrated Marketing Campaign that included paid search, content marketing and social media.


Organic Visitor Sessions increased 34.74% in One Year

In that first year of working with Mad Fish, the client had a 34.74% increase in visitor sessions to the site and a 37.39% increase in users.

Organic Visitor Sessions increased 156.55% After Two Years

In year two, the client saw a 156.55% increase in visitor sessions to the site compared to the year before working with Mad Fish.

Conversions Increased 223% in First Year

Conversions – web leads – improved quickly once technical SEO and web improvements were in place and the PPC campaigns were better dialed in.  After the first year, conversions improved by 223%. Year 2 was a 290% improvement overall.