Taking the time every day to ensure we’re living up to our company values is important. This week we’re sharing some helpful pieces that embody the ways we embrace them. Check it out!


We’re all about teamwork. Internally that may mean innovative projects between teams, but externally it means knowing our clients in and out. We practice being the best listeners so we can understand the goals of our clients, their brands, and the best ways to achieve them. Unlike many marketers, we don’t want to tell you who you are. We’re focused on hearing what makes you unique so we can share that with the world. Want to take a stab at it? Here’s the one tip that can help you become a better listener immediately.


Is paper or plastic a thing of the past? While online retail and grocery delivery keeps growing, Amazon’s new no-wait stores are opening a new door to shoppers. They’re able to browse and pick up items immediately, all while avoiding the dreaded wait at the checkout stand. The big question: will others adopt this online strategy? Learn why tech experts expect A-level retailers to adopt the Amazon Go style shopping experience and the history behind them in this insightful piece.


It might feel corny, but failure is part of what shapes leaders. How you handle the hard times is ultimately even more important than how you celebrate successes. Whether a failure is because of a simple mistake or a more complex issue, understanding how to learn from these experiences instead of brushing them under the rug is what will help you adapt and thrive.

Whether you’re analyzing campaign numbers or brushing up on new strategies, make sure you’re using your failures to your advantage instead of letting the keep you from achieving more. Find out how to use failure to your advantage with these 5 tips.

Fun (ish)

Here at Mad Fish, we’re all about the books. Our internal lending system on Slack garners responses in under a minute, and we get in line to read whatever’s next. Even if you love reading, it can be hard to fit it into your day and find time to devote to leisure reading.

While we all have a pile of excuses, there are times where we opt for the radio over an audiobook, choose to scroll through Facebook or catch up with our favorite shows on Netflix before picking up a book. However, this article proved we all have time to make it through 200 books per year. Want to know how you can start making a dent in your to-read list this year? We’ve got you. Hint: it’s going to involve a lot less mindless browsing.


Creating and distributing content is just step one in a great strategy. Understanding how the content will be shared, by who, and where can help you craft everything from customized headlines to choosing the best ads platform – as well as knowing what you’re actually planning on measuring.

The days of ignoring metrics and feeling based marketing are over. Measuring, reporting, and innovating are all fundamental parts of keeping your clients and delivering the best services possible. While the impact of your content marketing campaigns may feel nebulous, it’s important to establish metrics that will allow you to measure the success. Here are some tips to get you started on picking the right KPIs for your marketing campaign.