oldeshoeantiques-bargain-basementPay Per Click campaigns can quickly become an expensive endeavor. As more and more advertisers leave TV, Radio, Billboard advertising and move to the web, the competition for each click continues to go up as do the costs. Sometimes each click can cost upwards of $5.00. That’s very expensive traffic unless you’re selling cancer treatments or legal services.
Here are a couple of money saving tips to help drive traffic to your site at bargain basement prices.
Bid on Competitors URLs
You’d be amazed how many people type YouTube.com into a search engine instead of into the address bar. Each time someone types a competitor’s website address into Google, there’s an opportunity for you to show a very inexpensive ad to that consumer. You can make that ad even more compelling by advertising as an alternative to that competitor with their name in the ad copy. Sometimes these very targeted clicks will only cost you $0.05/per click.
Bid on Competitor’s Names
It’s the same idea as the URL, but you’re using the competitor’s name instead. Traffic from clicks like this can be very inexpensive and very targeted if you pick the right competitors.
Bid on Misspelled Words
This is different than Typosquatting. You’re just showing inexpensive ads to people who accidently fat-fingered their keyboard or mistyped the name. An ad like this could cost a fraction of the correctly spelled word. Use this tool http://tools.seobook.com/spelling/keywords-typos.cgi to help find typo’s of important keywords.
Test Your Site with Cheap PPC
Inexpensive tactics like this to drive traffic to your site is a great way to fine tune your product price points, try out new guarantees, experiment with special offers, etc before you even have a product to sell. The goal is to drive a bunch of traffic and see what offers are the most useful. With traffic like this at less than $0.10 per click, you can learn a lot about what works on your site and what needs to be changed. PPC can be expensive in the long run, but you can use tricks like these to experiment for a few dollars.