Most people can think of at least a handful of companies on top of their marketing games. You know, the ones influencing culture, going viral, and pulling on the public’s heartstrings. But when it comes to the B2B (business-to-business) sector, it’s a little harder to come up with standout organizations. So, what B2B brands are doing digital right? We rounded up the top entities below.

B2B Brands Winning the Digital Game

Whether it’s a unique product, a digital storytelling strategy, mission, social impact, or rapid, untouchable growth, these top B2B companies are a force to be reckoned with. We think these 5 B2B companies have done a great job making their brand recognizable, vital and compelling. 


Kickstarter is a reigning champ in terms of storytelling. The B2B crowdfunding site provides its users with a platform for sharing their brand stories through compelling campaigns, which attracts public interest. Ultimately, this draws in investors and helps incubate innovative ideas. Since launching in 2009, the PBC (public benefit company) has helped inventors and startups raise nearly $6 billion, with almost 200,000 projects successfully funded.


While instant messaging and chat boards have been around long before its 2009 inception, Slack has transformed the ways in which companies communicate. Recognizing the market needed a method for teams to connect, unify, and drive business through collaboration, the founders created a digital platform used by companies of all shapes and sizes. Slack was a crucial tool before the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s even more relevant now, as more businesses operate remotely.


Like Slack, thousands of companies lean on Asana for communication and teamwork. The platform helps organizations minimize time spent on meetings, searching for information, emailing, and coordinating projects by allowing employees not only to streamline these efforts but also do them all in one place. At a time when remote work and virtual collaboration are more relevant than ever, Asana is on top of its digital game because it helps other businesses thrive in the digital sphere.


As more and more businesses pivot to a sustainable model, Higg provides a way of measuring and scoring the eco-friendliness of products and practices. A suite of tools called the Higg Index is used by brands in the apparel, tech, and manufacturing sectors. The robust platform offers resources and digital solutions to help businesses make sound choices for their communities, the environment, and the future.


SaaS (software-as-a-service) firm Salesforce is one of the most prominent B2B companies. The robust customer relationship management (CRM) platform helps other businesses market, sell, and analyze their products and services in the ever-evolving digital era. Salesforce supports over 150,000 companies worldwide, including a majority of Fortune’s top 100 brands, and uses customer success stories to tell its own story of triumph.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

B2B companies are celebrated for the support they provide fellow businesses. While the products and services they offer may be primarily behind the scenes, there’s no denying the vital role they play in driving other companies’ success.

With that said, your business-to-business efforts should be demonstrated through your SEO (search engine optimization) content marketing, social media, and paid media strategies to draw in new clients and drive growth. Not sure where to start? Get in touch with our digital marketing firm to find more about what we do for B2B businesses.