Are you frustrated because you’ve tried every piece of business advice from every guru out there and nothing seems to work? Well, you might be cheating on yourself. Let me explain.

When you knew nothing about business, you followed your gut instinct. I mean, that was the only thing you could do, right? But then you started reading books, blog posts, tweets and what not. Every guru shared their secrets to becoming rich and you studied their methods diligently. This approach makes sense, doesn’t it? You’re learning from those who “made it”. Well, I think there are two problems with trying to follow the advice of some experts.

  1. A lot of gurus teach you one thing and do a different one. I know this because I’m friends with a lot of gurus.
  2. Most gurus teach you what worked for them, but this doesn’t mean you’ll get to the same place by following their steps.

Don’t Cheat on Yourself
You know yourself better than anybody else. You know what works for you and what doesn’t. If you’re a people person and come across an article that tells you that the best way to reach people is Twitter, read it, learn from it, but stay loyal to your own style. Likewise, if you’re a techie who uses social networks very effectively but are a little shy in person, don’t leave Twitter for networking events if it doesn’t make sense to you.

I believe that success means different things to different people. I believe that different people have different ways to achieve the same results. Don’t cheat on yourself. Absorb information but use your judgment to determine which pieces of advice you’re going to follow and which ones you are not.