We are in a unique time right now. 63% of marketers are immediately increasing their focus on SEO. Since many traditional marketing channels may no longer serve the needs of many industries and their customers, online positioning and placement is critical today.

After all, where are your customers and potential clients right now?

  • They are probably at home
  • They’re using search engines, watching YouTube videos, and chatting with Alexa at record levels
  • People are now depending on the content they find through search to make nearly every decision in their life
    • Where to eat near me? 
    • What to watch?
    • Who sings this song?

Before your current and potential customers pick up the phone (if they do at all), they are searching online. It’s estimated that over 20 billion searches are happening every day. Right now, people need help. 

So, is your audience finding you?  If not, what is your company losing? And what are you losing out on by not being found?

How to Improve Your SEO

Our webinar, Making the Most of your Digital Presence: Advanced On-Page and Technical SEO provides helpful insights into how you can improve your company’s online return through SEO efforts. 

We cover a range of topics in the 30 minute session, including: 

  • The difference between on-page, off-page, and technical SEO 
  • The elements of on-page SEO and what matters most 
  • Content Optimization and canonicalization
  • Details of technical SEO and important status codes to know
  • Useful webmaster tools
  • The importance of collaborating with your internal teams

Not up for watching the video? Get started today by downloading our guide.

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