voice-acting-next-video-girlVideos are becoming increasingly popular online. With YouTube as the second largest search engine today, consumers are craving video content more than ever before. In addition, there is an increase in companies using explainer videos on their homepages. Videos can help build brand awareness and inform customers about new products and/or features.
A lot goes into creating a video for your website. You have to decide on the purpose of the video, determine the budget, write the script, create visuals or do filming, and record audio. While some of you may have a person on staff with a wonderful voice to be captured for your video, many do not. Let’s face it: a great video visually can be ruined without the right type of voice, tone, and emotion.
For those looking for voice talent, there are many services out there that can provide you with options.
Here are a few of these services:

For now, let’s take a close look at www.voices.com, as it is deemed the “#1 Voice Over Marketplace for Voice Talent.”
I have personally used Voices.com for projects and, overall, they provide a professional and hassle-free experience.
Voices.com provides a free account option, as well as a paid account option. Both provide a quality experience, however the paid one allows you to use your own branding.

The Process

  • 1. Set up an account
  • 2. Post a job
    • Include the project description, a sample script exert, and a budget
    • Decide on the type of voice you are looking for (male, female, youthful, experienced, humorous, inspirational, informational, etc)
  • 3. Wait for auditions to be submitted
    • Within a day, many people will reply to your job posting and include a read of your sample script excerpt
  • 4. Review options
    • Review each audition and select your favorites
  • 5. Get feedback
    • You can create a link that only includes your favorites to share around the company to get opinions
  • 6. Make selection and offer the voice talent the job
  • 7. Upload script
  • 8. Listen to first audio take
  • 9. Edit
    • You can suggest edits to a take and have it rerecorded
  • 10. Approve file and download
  • 11. Complete job and process file payment

This process provides you with a quality voice talent to use in your company video when internal voices are not an option.
Good luck finding voice talent for your next company video.