So your blog post is ranking well for a couple of high-profile terms. You know your content is informative; you’ve had several websites cite it as a source. And yet, the blog post isn’t generating a lot of visits. Is there something more you can do to get that blog post to convert into a website visitor – or better yet, a potential customer? Google Authorship is the next best step in improving your Google search listing and optimizing it for a better click thru rate. With Google Authorship, a microdata format Google calls “Rich Snippets,” content written by you (or your company’s resident expert) will include a photo of the author as part of the Google search listing. By putting a real person’s face to a Google search result, we see better potential for the result to be clicked on by a Google search user. 

How do I Implement Google Authorship? The Mad Fish SEO crew has put together this simple Mad Fish SEO Google Authorship Guide. Download it. Use it. Let us know what you think. A Word on Google Authorship and SEO We’ve been asked whether this has an impact beyond the potential for a higher number of visits. Does Google take Google Authorship into account when it ranks content?

There are additional benefits as well. Matt McGee at Search Engine Land has posted about a pretty great one. Want more information? I’ll write more soon about some of the other great Rich Snippet types available and how we are leveraging them with our SMB clients. In the meantime, check out the Synotac Lunch + Learn presentation “Search Engine Steroids: Remarketing & Rich Snippets,” presented by Ben Herman this past October.